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9-to-5, Goodbye! Freelance, Hello...

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RSS 17 May 2018
You say goodbye, and I say hello...that is what employees are doing all around the country. They are downing tools and going home...

Home to bed? Yes, and then...getting up the next morning to a new life as a freelance home worker.

This is the dream anyway. The dream of millions of people who just want to quit their job and work for themselves.

Unfortunately, not everybody has the knowledge to make this dream a reality, and that is why the YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) have recently chimed in to educate all of you lucky folks out there on how to become a freelancer.

They recently released a press release with their top tips on what to do, and right at the top of that press release was the words "strategic plan."

According to YEC you must plan if you want to get rid of the 9-to-5 and become a work from freelance professional.

I agree. So make sure you get out that pen and paper and write down a plan. Something like...

Step 1 - Quit Job

Step 3 - Profit

That right there is the plan that millions of freelancers have used to become rich and have more freedom beyond their wildest dreams. Are you ready to join them? I hope so.

The next tip offered by YEC is to have "unrelenting conviction."

Again, I agree. In fact, you might want to update your plan to include all capitals in order to show your conviction. Something like this...

Step 1 - QUIT JOB

Step 3 - PROFIT

So now you are on the road to success and according to YEC the only other tip you need is to take action.

"Don't wait for the right time," says the YEC, and do you know what? I agree with them. Too many people keep putting off their dreams of becoming a freelancer. It's time to start taking action if you ask me.

So go back to your plan and make another update. Put the word "now" to show you are the type of person who is going to move towards a rewarding freelance career.



So there you have it...a complete guide to becoming a freelancer who works from home in 2018. So what are you waiting for? Walk right into your bosses office and show them who the real boss is.

Also, let's remember to thank the good people over at YEC for their tips. They know their stuff, just like us here at Freelance Supermarket. Make sure you keep tuning in to our blog every week for the knowledge bombs.

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