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Sofa Out...Freelance Furniture In

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RSS 25 May 2018
The traditional sofa is a main focal point of any work from home freelancers day. We know this, so why change anything? Well...

...One company have decided to challenge our traditional beliefs about working from home with a new concept.

It's called "freelance furniture" and is designed to add more comfort and productivity to the freelance lifestyle.

I must admit that upon hearing about so this called "freelance furniture" I was sceptical, to the point where I nearly threw the press release straight in the bin. "How could you replace the trusted sofa?" I asked myself. "It just can't be done...it can't!"

So I sat down on my sofa in my pyjamas, and as the clock struck 1pm I decided to read this press release about freelance furniture just to see what the whole thing was about.

The collection of furniture was designed by a Brooklyn based company called Good Thing...but are they actually on to a good thing? I kept on reading to find out more.

They have designed 5 pieces of furniture for freelancers, which go by the name of MSDS Studio, Ben Kicic, Jamie Wolfond, Ferreol Babin and Earnest Studio.

I really have no idea what all of those names mean, but I can't imagine writing a post from a "Jamie Wolfond" or working on a "Ben Kicic" and getting anything done at all.

So far the humble sofa was still my number 1 choice, I thought, as I took a swig of ginger tea.

As I kept reading I discovered that all the products were designed by two guys who are called Jamie Wolfond and Ben Kicic.

"Now it all makes sense," I said. Obviously these two designers were struggling to come up with names for their products so they just decided to name them after themselves.

It left me pondering if there had once been a guy called "John Sofa" or "Henry Couch." I will Google that later, but for now I wanted to continue with the press release and find out more about this freelance furniture.

One of these designs seems to be some kind of sitting device that is kind of like a "stack of chairs seen in an office," according to the company.

The work from home freelancer is expected to some how position themselves on the device so their legs are pulled over the top and bottom (which are connected diagonally) and then form a workstation.

I don't know about you, but this does not sound very comfortable at all. I think I will stick with the trusty sofa.

As I got ready to throw the press release in the bin I noticed that anybody who wants to see the freelance furniture for themselves should head on down to New York.

This kind of thing might very well be a hit in the trendy and hipster communities of Manhattan, but here in the UK I don't think it's something which is going to sell.

So I threw the press release right into the bin, and then put my feet up on the sofa and turned on the television...

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