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Are Freelancers Happiest at 3:25pm? I Disagree!

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RSS 01 July 2018
A new survey landed on my desk here at Freelance Supermarket HQ this morning...a survey which surveyed the mood of workers.

People who took part in the survey were given a list of questions and then encouraged to tick the "happy" or "unhappy" box.

Sounds good I thought to myself as I sipped on a rhubarb and carrot juice drink and ate a few slices of pineapple. Let's see if I agree with the opinions of the average worker.

One of main things that grabbed by attention immediately is, according to the survey, the time of 3:25pm, which is the happiest time of the day among the majority of those who took part in this survey.

Why? Because it is the time they clock off from work and start their journey home.

A feeling of freedom no doubt. Leaving the dull and dreary factory gates and into the blue skies of the real world.

They can smell the fresh air and are excited about getting to the comfort of their own homes.

Are work from home freelancers also happiest at 3:25pm? In my experience...NO!

In contrast to traditional employees, your average work from home freelancer is probably happiest right around 10:30am.

This is the time when you wake up a full 1 hour and 15 minutes before your alarm clock is due to go off and then you realise this and turn over and go back to sleep.

"No need to get up yet, the day is still young," you say to yourself.

The unhappiest time of the day for a freelancer? It most probably is at 11:45am when the alarm does go off, because let's face it...nobody like to be awoken abruptly, no matter what time it is.

Compare this to your average employee, who in the survey commented that having to get up "very early" is one of their unhappiest moments of the day.

Other unhappy moments for the workers who were surveyed include:

1) Competing with other road users on the morning commute

2) Getting into fights with fellow workers at the office or factory

3) Sitting around bored in long and pointless meetings

4) Having too much work to do.

Compare this to the average work from home freelancers day, and the difference is obvious.

For example, here at Freelance Supermarket HQ:

1) My only commute is to the kitchen table. No competition with anyone.

2) The only fights I witness is on the Jeremy Kyle show.

3) The only type of "meeting" I hold is to decide with myself if to change out of my pyjamas or not.

4) Too much work to do? Never. Just like my caveman ancestors I never work more than 4 hours a day.

If you are currently a "worker drone" and you want to experience a more laid back and happy way of life, then may I suggest giving the work from home freelance thing a try.

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