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“Work At No Home,” Say Czechs

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RSS 06 August 2018
The people of Czech Republic have decided that working from home in their pyjamas is something they DON'T want any part of.

Even though Freelance Supermarket has a large following in the Czech Republic, it seems many Czechs prefer to commute every day and then clock in and out, before commuting back to their home.

Recent statistics show that less than 4% of Czechs work from home, compared to an average of 5% across many other European countries.

Do you want to know which country has the most home workers? The country of Holland to be exact, where every day 14% of workers stay in bed until mid morning/lunchtime and then trudge down the stairs in their pyjamas/underpants to "do a bit of work."

My only question is...do they have the Jeremy Kyle show on Dutch TV? My guess would be yes, and that is probably why so many Dutch stay at home all day.

On the other hand, Mr Kyle has no doubt not quite found his way onto Czech TV yet, but once he does, well, get ready for a work from home boom time in the land formerly known as Czechoslovakia.

What I do know for sure is that here in the UK we do have Jeremy Kyle on TV, and we do have one of the highest percentages of work from home freelancers in Europe, and even the world.

We are not far behind Holland in the league of home workers, and if you ask me it won't be long before we are right there at the top. Just like Freelance Supermarket is at the top when it comes to Freelance Websites.

Sure, we might not have any official award (still waiting CIF), but when you type in "freelance work from home" then we are right at the top, with all the latest news, blog posts, and entertainment.

Back to the Czech Republic and officials at the CMLSA AKA Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs have spoken out about freelancing and working from home.

An official for CMLSA recently said - "With the aim of motivating employers to make greater use of home office, in 2016 the Ministry put forward an amendment to the Labour Code. It was intended to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of employees."

So it's good to see the Czech government getting involved and trying to do something about the "work from home gap" that is happening right now, in the Czech Republic.

If anybody at the CMLSA needs advice about freelancing in general or has any questions about working from home, then feel free to contact us here at Freelance Supermarket.

We are only too happy to help our European brothers and sisters.

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