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6000 Freelance Scientists Sitting in a Tree...

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RSS 08 January 2019
There are now more freelance scientists than at any point in history. If Einstein was around today, he would have been a freelancer.

I must admit that being a work from home freelance scientist is something way out of my league.

Back in school I nearly burned down the building with a bunsen burner and I got a D MINUS for my Science GCSE.

In other words, science and Freelance Supermarket HQ just isn't a good mix, and if it did mix, there would probably be a big explosion.

To those of you freelance scientists who know what you are doing, then you might be interested to learn about a freelance platform called KolabTree.

Right now, there is 6000 freelance scientists from 131 different countries who are registered with KolabTree.

So what it is exactly? Quite simply, it appears to be a place where freelance scientists and clients can "hook up," so to speak, and work together on projects that are scientific in nature.

There has been a total of 2400 projects awarded to freelance scientists so far, and once this platform really takes off then we can expect there to be many thousands more.

There are clients looking for a range of different skills, such as scientific writing, experiment design and data analysts, to name just a few. No bunsen burner required.

If you are a freelance scientist or you are thinking about becoming a freelance scientist, then you should check out KolabTree right away.

There are many businesses and start ups out there who require workers with scientific skills, but until now, they had trouble finding the right talent to fill their positions.

With a platform such as KolabTree, they can find you with a simple click, and then hire you right away to get the job done.

Gone are the days of going to boring job interviews. These days all you have to do is log on to KolabTree and you can start applying for freelance scientific jobs right away.

All communication between the freelance scientist and employer is recorded on KolabTree, and then payment is typically very quick once the work has been done.

You no longer have to bother about chasing up late paying clients and wondering if you are ever going to get the money. With KolabTree you can just focus on your Scientific work and let them handle all of that other stuff.

So that is a thumbs up for KolabTree from us here at Freelance Supermarket HQ, and if you decide to join the site then make sure you mention us.

"Freelance Supermarket sent me here," tell them.

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