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Freelance Orange Juice...With Vodka?

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RSS 29 January 2019
We keep on hearing more about these “freelance hubs” and “freelance workspaces.” Thousands of freelancers are using them.

Here at Freelance Supermarket our hub is the kitchen table and the workspace is the sofa...but not everybody works like that.

Take Brighton as a prime example, where there is currently a company named The Werks who have 9 freelance hubs around the city.

If you rent space from The Werks then you can also buy refreshments such as juice and snacks.

"I will have an orange juice, please? Said the freelancer.

"Do you want vodka with that?" Replied The Werks.

If The Werks have their way this is exactly what will happen, because they have just applied for a premises license so they can sell alcohol to freelancers.

"Let me get a pint and a vodka and orange, and give me a bag of pork scratchings...then I will do some work," said the freelancer.

4 hours later and the party is in full swing.

"I'm taking the day off...work can wait until tomorrow," said the freelancer.

Here at Freelance Supermarket there is no alcohol on the premises. Not even a shandy.

You can find freshly squeezed orange juice but there is no vodka. Check every cupboard if you want...we poured it down the sink years ago.

These days our "highs" come from watching the Jeremy Kyle Show and being the (unofficial) best freelance website in the UK.

The Brighton Police and Council Officials also seem to agree that Freelance + Alcohol = Bad.

They are opposed to The Werks getting their liquor license and say it will only add to the crime and disorder in the city centre.

So who is going to triumph in this battle of Freelance VS Alcohol? Right now, as we speak, it seems the Police and Council are lukewarm on the idea of drinking contests in freelance hubs.

However, a hearing has been scheduled for next Friday at 10am at Hove Town Hall, where a carefully selected panel are going to listen to the pros and cons of The Werks being granted a liquor licence.

If they are successful, then I don't think it will be long until we see freelance hubs up and down the country pulling pints and having weekly darts matches.

Catch the bus in the morning and get to work by 11am...just in time for gin and tonic and a bag of cheese and onion crisps. Is this the freelance dream? Let's wait and see.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we will stick with our iced water and lemon. "Cheers!"

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