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Extreme Weather “PERFECT” For Remote Working

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RSS 12 February 2019
It's too hot or It's too cold? Then remote working could be the solution. Scared about the next “beast from the East?” Then remote work is the answer.

Here in the UK we don't get extreme weather very often. Most of the time it is mild or temperate.

"A bit breezy today," some people say. But nothing to write home about.

However, sometimes that extreme weather does hit home, and when it does, then snow, heavy rain, gale force winds, 30 degree + sunshine, and floods are the name of the game and everybody has to deal with it.

During these kind of extreme weather conditions, experts say it would be the perfect time for bosses to allow their employees to "test out" remote working.

In fact, one prominent expert went on record to say it would be "PERFECT" if a blizzard hit the UK and millions of workers got a taste of remote working.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we support everything to do with remote working and working from home. We believe your kitchen table or sofa is the place to be and the place to get work done.

Unfortunately, managers around the country don't share our sentiment, with many fearing that allowing their employees time to remote work from home would mean lower productivity, more distractions, and more slacking.

For this reason remote working is generally frowned upon. And the next time there is heavy snow or gale force winds? Millions of workers will have to face the extreme conditions and make their way into work.

Take the summer for example, where heat waves are common and your typical office can feel like an oven.

Many workers have to wear a suit and tie, where they continue to soak their shirt in sweat and then wring it out in the sink at lunchtime.

At Freelance Supermarket we cope with extreme heat by only wearing underpants (nothing more) and then sitting in front of a high powered fan all day until the weather cools down. That is remote working at its best, if you ask us.

Thousands of workers agree with us. In a recent survey of 3000 employees there was an overwhelming outpouring of support for remote working from home.

They agreed that people get more done while working at home, and they also reduce their commute time, which makes for a happier worker all around.

Our advice to business owners and managers around the country is to give remote working a try. You don't have to wait until extreme weather hits to do it. Give your workers one or two days off a month to work at home and see what they can do.

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