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Work From Home...In Tokyo

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RSS 16 July 2019
Here in the UK the work from home revolution is in full swing and becoming the norm. However, in Japan they are just getting started.

Take Tokyo for example, where thousands of workers are being told to keep away from the office and stay at home instead.

Why? Because the subway and streets of Tokyo are getting way too crowded. And with the Olympic games just around the corner, the Japanese government want to take the pressure off by keeping as many people at home as possible.

That is why right now they are doing a trial, where around 700,000 workers are going to try working from home.

This includes workers from companies such as Fujitsu, NEC, Toyota, and many others. The trial will last for 2 weeks, and if successful, then you can expect Tokyo to become the work from home hub of Asia. In no time at all, other Japanese cities will follow suit, and then...the rest of Asia.

At this point we would like to point out that Freelance Supermarket is willing to consult with the Japanese government or any other Asian government (official or not) to discuss home working and freelancing.

Here in the UK we have been right at the forefront of the work from home revolution, with many describing us as "leaders" and "innovators."

We are also willing to consult with countries from South America and Africa. Basically, whoever gets to us first, can have us.

Back to Tokyo and it is expected that thousands of workers will enjoy working from home even though, on average, the Japanese house and apartment is smaller than the UK equivalent. Why is this? Quite simply, because UK and Japan are a similar size, although Japan has about twice the population.

With that in mind, some Japanese workers are expected to spend a few days in a "Love Hotel" or "Capsule" to relive the stress and tension and give themselves a change of scenery.

Obviously, here in the UK we can go in the garden or a walk in the park, but in Tokyo many home workers will be left looking at the 4 walls and trying to stop from going mad.

Some relief in a hotel or a change of scenery in a capsule will no doubt be on the cards, but once they find the right balance I think many Japanese workers will come to love working from home and won't want to return to the office.

Not only that, but once they find Freelance Supermarket and translate it with Google, then I'm sure they are going to be even more inspired to quit their job and become a home worker.

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