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3 Benefits of Becoming a Freelance Writer

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RSS 20 August 2019
If you are nifty with the pen, typewriter, or keyboard, then becoming a freelance writer is the perfect choice for people who want to work from home.

Right now, as we speak, you might be stuck in an office job, working 9-to-5 (and beyond) and bowing down to a boss you hate.

Not only that, but you probably hate the morning commute, being stuck in traffic jams or being pressed up against other commuters on the train, and you just want to find a different way to make your money without all of the hassle.

Well, freelance writing can offer you that. And it really isn't as difficult as you think. Here at Freelance Supermarket we have offered many different "knowledge bombs" over the years, with many being aimed at aspiring freelance writers. Check back through our back catalogue of posts to be amazed.

Still not convinced? Below are 3 benefits of becoming a freelance writer...

No need to set your alarm

Wouldn't it be a dream of yours to never set your alarm clock, ever again? That dream could soon be a reality, but you need to become a work from home freelance writer to make it YOUR reality.

You can get up at lunchtime if you want. There is no-one there to tell you otherwise. In fact, many freelance writers sit in bed while doing their work.

Give yourself a pay rise

Trying to get a pay rise from your boss is next to impossible, I'm sure you will agree? That is why working for yourself as a freelance writer is the best solution.

The reason? Because you decide who your clients are, and if they are not paying you enough? Then you fire them and hire clients who will pay you more. You are in control.

Have variety in your work

Another benefit of becoming a freelance writer is variety. Instead of being stuck in the same old office cubicle, day after day, week after week, and year after year...you get to work in your own home, or the garden, or the local coffee shop, or even on the beach!

Even better, you get to choose the type of writing projects you take on, and if you get bored of one project? Then you simply find another. No two days are the same when you are a freelance writer.

Just like no 2 blog posts are the same here at Freelance Supermarket. Every week we bring a unique blend of freelance news, entertainment, and information, and many people call us the number 1 freelance website in the UK.

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