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I Spy...A Fiverr

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RSS 28 August 2019
I spy, with my freelance eye, something beginning with F. Do you give up? What I am spying is Fiverr.

No I'm not talking about a five pound note here. What I am talking about is "Fiverr" with an extra R. The place where people can go to get blogs designed, websites installed, articles written, social media accounts setup.

All these jobs can be done for $5 or more. If you are a UK freelancer then I'm sure you are aware of Fiverr.

You may have even got a bit of work from there. They have always been known to be a trusted freelance job site. Is that trust about to be flung right out the window?

In a recent news story it was revealed that some freelance gig workers on Fiverr have been selling products and services related to...spying!

These freelancers have been offering to spy on your other half with software, hire a private investigator (who doesn't have a licence) or even place GPS trackers on people's cars.

One Fiverr advert said the following..."I have spyware to monitor your cheating spouse, staff and kids gadgets."

Another Fiverr advert had this to say...""I will deploy a covert tracking device on a vehicle, test and report to you after 7 days with times and locations indicated by tracker. Range of deployment options."

So there is a number of freelance James Bonds out there it seems, but they didn't stick around on Fiverr for long.Fair play to Fiverr because they did remove all of the spy listings and they continue to act quick when any other ads pop up.Not only that, but they ban the sellers on Fiverr who do such things.

It kind of reminds of me of the old saying..."Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they are not after you."

In this new age of spy software and GPS trackers...and freelancers who are willing to sell such things for a "Fiverr" - Then it should make everybody stand up and take notice.

The one thing you don't need to get paranoid about is getting into trouble with the tax man or woman...not if you hire one of the recommended accountants here on Freelance Supermarket.

They have our seal of approval and will do all of your books for you, which means you can sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge you are not doing anything wrong. Even if you are just a gig worker on Fiverr...you still need an accountant. So make sure you hire one today.

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