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“I'm a Freelancer...Can I Get a Mortgage?”

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RSS 03 September 2019
So I sat down at my desk this afternoon only to find a letter in the mailbag. I opened the letter and read what it said...

"Hi Freelance Supermarket. Quick question for you...I'm a freelancer and I want to buy a home, can I get a mortgage now or should I wait until I have two years worth of business accounts?"

After throwing the letter in the bin, I started to think how I could impart my years of freelance knowledge onto this curious freelancer.

Many people look up to me as some kind of freelance guru, and sometimes I draw small crowds of freelancers who gasp when I ponder a question, and then drop to complete silence as I begin to speak.

So I pondered this question about mortgages for freelancers...as I sat here at my desk...in my underpants...at 1:30pm in the afternoon... Then, I decided to speak...

"My answer to this question is as follows...you can get a mortgage for freelancers even with 1 years worth of accounts. However, your choice of lenders will be limited, as most will require 2 years worth of accounts..."

I stopped for a moment, to ponder the rest of my answer. There was a tension in the air and if a small crowd had been waiting for the rest of my answer with baited breath, they would have been on the edge of their seats and hanging on the rest of these words. Every single one...

"If you want access to a full range of mortgage options then in my opinion you should have at least 3 years worth of HMRC tax calculations. This will give you access to the very best deals..."

I stopped again and closed my eyes. Almost meditating on the right words to complete my answer, drawing inspiration from a higher power, perhaps. Then I opened my eyes, opened my mouth and said these exact words...

"In my opinion you must go with what feels right. Where does the energy flow to, and where does it flow from? Are you getting good vibrations about a 1 year mortgage? Then go for it. If you are feeling zen about a 2 year mortgage? Then you have found your answer."

And with those words I went upstairs to put on some trousers and then back downstairs to the trusty sofa to watch some TV.

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