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Photo of David Odell

David Odell

Job Title:Technical writer
Industry:Writing & Proofreading
Available for work:Yes
Member since:October 2008

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Trading name:Wordscape Documenta…
Areas covered:Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseysidemore »
Desired contract duration:1 - 3 months

About My Services:

Dave Odell possesses the ability to produce high quality documentation solutions to a broad range of industries such as engineering, electronics, insurance, banking, defence, financial services and the IT industry. His documentation can provide the interface between the developer and the user, ensuring that the user fully understands the system or application in question and can, to some extent, troubleshoot problems without recourse to the developer or the help desk. He is always looking for roles that will prove to be both a professional and personal challenge. more »


  • Technical Writing
  • Online help system creation
  • FrameMaker


  • C&G Technical writing
  • C&G Technical Communication
  • HNC Electronic Engineering

What Makes Me Great:

In my 20 years as a technical author I have gained experience in all fields of the documentation process. I have worked in permanent and contract situations where I have been either a sole author or a member of a small team; and also worked on numerous freelance projects where I have had to produce, manage and deliver projects within tight time and budgetary limits. I have written documentation for users, administrators, developers and programmers on technical and non-technical subjects and created online help systems in HTML help format (Windows) and Oracle help for Java (All operating systems) during the last ten years. Due to the international nature of many of the companies I have worked with a lot of meetings and co-ordination activities have been carried out using virtual meetings via NetMeeting, Messenger and similar products. My writing is also of a nature to suit international audiences or translators. I feel I can offer this position a lot of experience and technical knowledge, especially concerning the creation of help systems. more »

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