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Photo of Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Job Title:Commercial Manager / Q…
Industry:Engineering, Property …
Location:Greater Manchester
Available for work:Yes
Member since:January 2009

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Trading name:PALMS Consulting Ltd
Areas covered:Greater Manchestermore »
Desired contract duration:6 - 12 months

About My Services:

Born, educated and trained in the Manchester area, I have worked for a number of well known national and regional building contractors for over 22 years before setting up PALMS Consulting Ltd in 2007. A member of the RICS having qualified in 1991 I have extensive experience in general quantity surveying duties, including Tender Bid Management, the vetting of Contracts and Tender documentation, Procurement, Contract Documentation, Interim Valuations, Cash-flow Forecasting, Final Account, Prolongation and Loss and/or Expense Claims, Dispute Resolution, Value Engineering solutions and Risk Management analysis. Pragmatic and results orientated by working in a creative and innovative manner, happy to accept responsibility and accountability I provide a dynamic and supportive approach to meeting the needs of the client and beliefs good communication, open dialogue and honesty are paramount in developing a successful relationship. more »


  • Result Orientated
  • Pragmatic
  • Supportive & Open


  • Member of the RICS

What Makes Me Great:

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Can be contacted by Contractors:YES
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Can be contacted by Clients:YES

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Contract History

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The summary below lists the last six positions (contract/non-contract).

Period:20.11.07 - 02.05.08
Job Title:Commercial Consultant
Industry:Construction & Property
Description:Negotiation and Settlement of Final Accountsmore »
Period:06.05.08 - 29.01.10
Job Title:Commercial Consultant
Industry:Construction & Property
Description:Various Contract over the duration dealing mainly with potential disputes, including accounts, extensions of time & adjudicationsmore »

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