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Photo of Glyn Kiefer

Glyn Kiefer

Job Title:Data Analyst and Datab…
Industry:IT, Web & Programming
Available for work:Yes
Member since:September 2009

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Trading name:PineTree Systems Li…
Areas covered:Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Monmouthshire, Northamptonshiremore »
Desired contract duration:3 - 6 months

About My Services:

Provide Data Analyst and Database Designer services covering the full systems lifecycle; from conception to implementation.


  • Data Analyst, Data Modeller
  • Database Designer
  • RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server)


  • BSc (Hons) Computer Studies, Hons in IS

What Makes Me Great:

An experienced Analyst / Designer and Data Modeller, with a broad base of technical expertise acquired over many years within consultancy, development and support environments. Varied, project based roles covering the full systems lifecycle; from conception to implementation.more »

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Contract History

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The summary below lists the last six positions (contract/non-contract).

Period:01.11.00 - 24.12.03
Job Title:Senior Designer, Team Leader
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A key member of an in-house development team, working as an analyst and the application design authority. The working environment having aspects of project based delivery (a 3 monthly release cycle) along with departmental based deliveries (support, training and business systems integration). The live application being, an IP Network provisioning tool used to control the world’s largest financial IP extranet , accessible throughout the world via the clients’ intranet.more »
Period:01.11.04 - 31.10.06
Job Title:Designer, Developer
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A designer role, firstly in a small team, delivering a Diary Management application for the Regional Directors. Secondly, delivering the ETL for the migration of 20 years of insurance financial data. more »
Period:09.02.07 - 08.10.07
Job Title:Data Modeller, Data Analyst
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A member of the Data Quality team, working as a data modeller and data exploitation analyst delivering the feasibility and implementation phase of a Data Model Centralisation project aimed at underpinning the strategic move to an Enterprise Architecture.more »
Period:29.10.07 - 27.06.08
Job Title:Data Analyst, Designer
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A data analyst and designer role, delivering and supporting a major upgrade to all the businesses critical IT systems, back-office scanning through to field based PDA data entry.more »
Period:05.08.08 - 03.11.08
Job Title:Data Modeller, Data Analyst
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A member of the Data team, working as a data modeller, delivering the logical data model to support the transformation of the BBC’s media production to digital mediamore »
Period:05.01.09 - 23.01.09
Job Title:Data Modeller
Industry:IT Contractor
Description:A member of a data integration consultancy team, working as a data modeller, providing an initial scoping exercise and “proof of concept” for the use of a canonical integration model.more »

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