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Weekly fee:< £20
Location:Not Provided
Years in Business:3 Years
No. of Contractors:1,623
Member since:May 2012

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About Our Services:

ExecPayroll is an umbrella company offering umbrella services to many types of contractors ranging from the IT industry to the construction industry. In our operations, we endeavour to conform indisputably to UK legislation such as being compliant to IR35 amongst other HMRC directives. Whether you are a seasoned contractor or you are looking for further information about services offered by umbrella companies, we are sure you will find it on our website. At ExecPayroll.com, we have employed tens of thousands of contractors and processed outsourced PAYE employees for a number of years. Execpayroll.com offers a very personal and highly professional level of service, making us one of the top employment management companies in the UK. Our website is a great source of knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email, skype or by registering your interest using our online form, so that one of our dedicated account managers will be able to offer you a personal income calculation illustration. Our account managers should be able to answer any specific questions that you may have. One of our great advantages is that we run a very streamlined process, which includes an online portal. The web portal can be used to upload your timesheets, and associated expenses along with any receipts. You can also view/download your payment advice/Payslip from our online portal. We look forward to welcoming you at ExecPayroll.com more »

In-house Qualifications:

  • Not Provided

benefits package

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Account ManagerYes
Direct Line to Account ManagerYes
Online PortalYes
Child Care VouchersNo
Free Expense ProcessingYes
Minimum Joining PeriodYes
PI Insurance IncludedYes
Free CHAPS PaymentsYes

Audited & Approved

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Following the MSC legislation and subsequent debt transfer rules relating to agencies, HMRC compliance should be the number one priority for Umbrellas and ASPs at the current time. Please click here to view our compliance confirmation process.

Audited & Approved
Not Confirmed

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