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Photo of ExportFlex - Morgadus Step Ahead Ltd

ExportFlex - Morgadus Step Ahead Ltd

Industry:All Industries
Years in Business:Not Provided
Opening Hours:Not Provided
Member since:May 2012

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About Our Services:

Import & Export Sales Agency. As sales agents we represent, promote and sell your products or services overseas. Other services are available. Currently main target markets are United Kingdom, Brazil, Angola and Portugal. Some of our primary responsibilities are: 1- Present and sell company products and services to current and potential clients. 2- prepare action plans and schedules to identify specific targets 3- follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field and online activity. 4- Prepare proposals and contracts 5- Develop products or services 6- Establish and maintain current and potential client relationships. 7- Identify and resolve client concerns 8- Prepare reports including activity, closings, follow-up and adherence to goals 9- Communicate new products and services opportunities, special developments, information or feedback gathered trough activity. 10- Coordinate company team to accomplish the work required to close sales. 11- Develop and implement special sales activities to reduce stock Additional Responsibilities 1- Participate in marketing events such Trade Shows. 2- Coordinate shipping schedules and delivery of merchandise and services. 3 - Provide on-the-job training to new sales employees Visit our website and contact us http://www.exportflex.com/contact-us.phpmore »

In-house Qualifications:

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REC MemberNo
Weekly PaymentsNo
PAYE Payroll ProvidedNo
Online Timesheet SystemNo
Account ManagerNo
Website Job SearchNo
Career Advice ServiceNo
CV Writing ServiceNo
Extended Opening HoursNo
Interview TrainingNo

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Can be contacted by Contractors:YES
Can be contacted by Agents:YES
Can be contacted by Agencies:YES
Can be contacted by Umbrellas:YES
Can be contacted by ASPs:YES
Can be contacted by Clients:YES

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