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Katherine Smith

Job Title:Head of Digital, Head …
Industry:Media & Creative
Location:Greater London
Available for work:Yes
Member since:August 2012

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Trading name:Katherine Smith
Areas covered:Greater London, Greater Manchestermore »
Desired contract duration:1 - 3 months

About My Services:

A results orientated, creatively driven and commercially focused senior digital leader with a passion for digital media and extensive B2B and B2C mixed sector experience in Lifestyle, Entertainment/Comdey, Health, Charity and Public Sector. A proven track record of translating business requirements into innovative and compelling digital solutions, to address user needs and achieve corporate objectives, whilst creating strong and profitable stakeholder relationships. Expertise covers strategic planning, addressing business challenges, creating digital solutions, multi-channel/multimedia content optimisation, audience segmentation, user engagement strategies, social media, site development and user experience, with a solid portfolio that includes BBC, ITV, Sky, NCT, NHS and PruHealth, plus related sponsors and commercial partners. Exceptional relationship management / people management capabilities, ensuring a smooth service delivery at all times. more »


  • Scoping Multi Channel Digital Solutions
  • Digital Channel Management
  • User Analysis and Audience Segmentation


  • Not Provided

What Makes Me Great:

ACHIEVEMENTS • At PruHealth: Increased partner sales and interactions by creating product incentives, a dynamic plan of web content, digital communications and social campaigns (e.g.100% increase in fitbug sales, increase in registrations) • At Vielife: Delivered suite of market-leading personalised health programmes, defining end-to-end product scope, functionality and go to market strategies. Tobacco - 10% of participants being tobacco-free upon completion • Demonstrated high success levels (91%) in product satisfaction by implementing new feedback and member survey processes • At itv.com: Strategic product and editorial development / management of the Lifestyle broadband channel providing essential television programme support and commercial return. Increased revenue with sponsorship deals by introducing a new product vertical, the food section, plus securing site deals with high profile charities and commercial partners • At NCT: Increased online fundraising by 20%, by developing new web content and products to increase site engagement • At the BBC: Initiated the first live streamed programme on BBC online - behind the scenes at Comic Relief – 300% increase in online donations • Produced hundreds of hours of programme content across all radio BBC networks and some TV more »

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