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Mike Holt

Job Title:Business Dev / Project…
Industry:All Industries
Available for work:Yes
Member since:September 2012

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Trading name:Network CCTV Camera…
Areas covered:Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cumbria, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Sussex (East and West), Swindon, Wiltshiremore »
Desired contract duration:1 - 3 months

About My Services:

I am an experienced Business Manager, Product Development manager, Project Manager and face-to-face Salesperson. My track record in starting, funding and successfully growing small technology businesses has given me long experience of business & project management, of managing product development from concept through design & development and on into production, and in recruiting & managing sales & technical teams. My career origins were as a designer of electronic prodcuts at Racal, later at Thames Television. More detail below. As a PROJECT MANAGER I can undertake all sorts of project management, organisational, developmental and inter-company liaison work. I have long experience of managing product design & development programmes, also marketing and sales, trade exhibitions, sourcing & control of sub-contractors, purchasing, far-east sourcing, product export, after-sales support, remote support, and training. As a PRODUCT DESIGNER I specialise in embedded systems - electronics hardware + software in 'black box' configurations - both Microsoft Embedded Windows 7 and also Linux OS's. I have worked for a wide range of companies including the likes of Racal; can design analogue and digital circuits and systems, and have worked extensively in digital video in particular the past ten years. As a PRODUCTION ENGINEER I am used to taking product designs (above) and working with subcontractors to organise production + testing and also the design & fabrication of enclosures / packaging etc in plastics, cast aluminium, sheet metal and so on. As a SALESPERSON I have long experience in marketing and selling products to B2B customers, both end-users and intermediaries/distributors. Experience of doing this in the UK and overseas (US, Middle East). Lots of trade show and other promotional experience. As BUSINESS MANAGER I have lots of experience in small company management - including financing and fundraising, development of business plans & financial projections, working with corporate finance intermediaries and 'pitching' to investors - having successfully raised equity capital for past businesses on several occasions. Area Covered: London & South East + East of England or ALL UK, when working remotely. Education Summary: Graduate Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University College London. Please request full CV for details. more »


  • Product Design
  • Project Management
  • Business Management & Support


  • B.Sc(Eng)

What Makes Me Great:

Am ADAPTABLE due to a VERY wide range of business experience - product design & development / project management / business development / sales / marketing / training / exhibitions / production engineering / manufacturing management / subcontractor management / procurement / overseas sales / fundraising / financial management - in short, Just Ask ! more »

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