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Kofo Are

Job Title:Marketing Consultant
Industry:PR, Marketing & Sales
Location:Greater London
Available for work:Yes
Member since:December 2012

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Trading name:Not Provided
Areas covered:Greater London
Desired contract duration:> 12 months

About My Services:

Over 12 years experience working within marketing, communications, product development, strategy, branding, and partner program creation, event management collateral and innovative web development. I also have extensive business development experience collaborating with sales, marketing, project management and IT functions, to generate new business, targeting senior decision makers across 8 verticals in the UK. I also conducted primary and secondary research in emerging markets and a plethora of industry sectors. more »


  • Marketing Strategy B2B
  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Event Planning & Management


  • Executive MBA
  • Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marke…
  • Bsc Chemistry & Business

What Makes Me Great:

 Provided consulting services to a SaaS firm on the potential launch of a price comparison tool targeting SME’s and large corporations.  Developed propositions for an online web development service, business process outsourcing, risk management software firm and affiliate marketing firm.  Launched a in-house online web development service, to partner organisations resulting in over 200 companies commissioning websites or web pages saving Circa £988,000 for the organisation  Conducted research for an American retailer with plans to expand across Europe  Developed an integrated marketing and business development programme to aid the sales team in securing multi-million pound contracts in Telecommunications, Finance, Government, and Automotive industries.  Executed the UK and Mauritius element of a pan European re-branding programme, which resulted in the seamless integration of 9 offices of the acquired UK business into the European subsidiary of a multinational mail & logistics corporation  Conducted qualitative and quantitative research into the following industries: 1) UK Legal Services Industry 2) Music Industry 3) Retail Grocers 4) Leading brands within the automotive industry 5) Oil and Gas Industry 6) Online gambling industry 7) Investment strategy 8) Legal process outsourcing 9) Mergers and acquisition in the facilities management industry 10) Fast Fashion Retailers 11) Cloud computing 12) Private Equity more »

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