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Lee Peng Tan

Job Title:Project Manager
Industry:IT, Web & Programming
Location:Greater London
Available for work:Yes
Member since:April 2013

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Trading name:Lee Peng Tan
Areas covered:Greater London
Desired contract duration:6 - 12 months

About My Services:

An excellent delivery manager with 18 years of experience, specialising in SAP project and maintenance. I have experience in many industries ranging from banking, telecommunications and government; my primary focus is in Oil and Gas where I have spent 10 years on. Adaptable in all working conditions, I am comfortable working independently as well as managing large global teams that are distributed across UK, US and Asia.more »


  • SAP Project Management
  • Transition Management
  • SAP Cutover, Testing and Data Management


  • Not Provided

What Makes Me Great:

Delivery with integrity

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Can be contacted by Contractors:YES
Can be contacted by Agents:YES
Can be contacted by Agencies:YES
Can be contacted by Umbrellas:YES
Can be contacted by ASPs:YES
Can be contacted by Clients:YES

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