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Welcome to the resources section of freelancesupermarket.com. This section is applicable to all users of our website; Contractors, Agents, Agencies, Clients, Umbrellas and Accountancy Service Providers.

As a contractor, do you know if you can legally pay yourself dividends? Are you aware of the importance of your professional network? Have you heard of income shifting and how this may affect you? Are you clued up on what expenses you can claim? Is your CV and interview technique as hot as you think it is?

As a recruitment agent or agency, are you sure you know what contractor ID you should be checking? Have you considered new methods of cold calling? Do you know your IR35 Regulations from your 2003 Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations? We do because it's all here, updated hourly by us, by you and by our rapidly expanding freelance community. Enjoy...

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Contractor FAQ's
  • LTD or Umbrella?
  • Should I opt in or out?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • What is IR35?
Agency Resources
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Building relationships
  • Legal considerations
  • Placement conversion
Umbrella Resources
  • IR35, HMRC & the law
  • Dispensations
  • The umbrella payslip
  • Questions to ask

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freelance news, posted daily

Contractor Resources
  • Creating the perfect CV
  • Negotiating your rate
  • Rules on expenses
  • Workplace etiquette
ASP Resources
  • What is a PSC?
  • Flat rate VAT
  • PSC vs Umbrella
  • Employment status
Freelance Calculators
  • Umbrella take home
  • PSC take home
  • PAYE take home
  • Target Income Calculator

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freelance resources, tailored by you

We hope you find the information in our resources section informative and useful. If however you would like to see something different, perhaps raise a topic we haven't yet covered, please email us at resources@freelancesupermarket.com. If you disagree or have any comments about any of the information we have provided, please start a thread in our freelance forum.

If you would like to submit and article to us (which may be featured in our daily news bulletin) or browse through our backlog of freelance articles, please click the links below.

Freelance Forum
  • For contractors & recruiters
  • Hot freelance gossip
  • Network and build contacts
  • Land your next Job!
Freelance Articles
  • The Potted Guide to IR35
  • Compare umbrella companies
  • How to setup a LTD
  • Freelancing pitfalls
News Archive
  • General freelance
  • IR35 & tax law
  • Recruitment
  • MSC, Umbrella & ASP
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