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One of your main aims as a recruitment consultant is to find a good pool of jobs - it’s fair to say that candidates will not come to you if you have no jobs on offer!

If you work for an established agency you may be on the 'preferred supplier list' for a client, meaning that everyone within that company needs to recruit using an agency they have to use certain companies. If that's the case it's your job to make sure you consistently provide them with an excellent service so it's you they come back to in the future.

Even if you have a solid base of regular clients sitting on one's laurels is never a good idea. There should always be room to expand your client base - and to do that you need to master the art of cold calling.

Cold Calling

There are several types of cold call. The first is purely speculative, where you contact a company and attempt to find out if they have any recruitment needs, and the second is where you contact companies that are actively hiring and try to find out if they would prefer that someone else deal with it on their behalf. This is slightly more targeted as you are already aware that they have recruitment needs.

However, all cold calls will have a low success rate and you have to be prepared to put some hard work in. The benefit of that hard work is that the potential rewards are high. You can increase your effectiveness at cold calling by considering several things.

  • Know the company, and if you can, know who the person is that you will be talking to.
  • Use open questions to qualify their needs at the start of the call; avoid going straight into a sales pitch.
  • Know what you are going to say, and if needed, use a script; but make sure that you avoid sounding scripted.
  • Make sure that you are ready to tell them of your past successes. You want to be confident and not hesitate when thinking of proof of your work to show passion for what you're selling.
  • Be prepared to listen to them and also listen to their objections, don't just ignore them. Take time to answer them and check that you gave a satisfactory answer. For example, if they tell you that they don't use agencies anymore due to bad experiences, attempt to find out what happened and explain how that wouldn't occur with your company.
  • Be prepared to be rejected, but don't let it make you negative before you make the next call. Finally 'smile before you dial' because it really does help project a positive tone.

There are more methods to use than just picking up the phone. Check to see if there are any events in your local area where you can network with potential clients, such as trade exhibitions.

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