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What is the difference between a BACS and a CHAPS payment?

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'BACS' and 'CHAPS' are payment terms used by the UK banking system. A debit or credit entry is processed to make direct transfers to / from third party accounts.

BACS is an easy way of transferring money electronically from one financial institution to another. A BACS transaction takes between three and five working days to complete and the BACS system is used by most Umbrella Companies. If an Umbrella Company pays you by BACS on a Friday, the money will usually take three working days to reach your bank account (i.e the following Tuesday).

CHAPS is short for Clearing House Automated Payment System. This is a same day transfer of money from one financial institution to another. There is usually a charge for the CHAPS service so it is likely that an Umbrella Company or ASP will pass this charge onto you.

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