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Why contract?

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The world of contracting has many advantages and disadvantages, whether it’s the best option for you very much depends on your own personal circumstances.

Be freelance means you are your own boss and have the freedom to choose when and where you work, plus the potential to earn much more than an employee. But while this flexibility is appealing there are important considerations to be made before you leave behind the security of having a permanent job.

Advantages of contracting·

  • Freelancers meet a wide range of people, bringing good networking opportunities.·
  • You may earn more contracting than being a permanent employee.
  • Although you don't get paid for holidays your increased rate of pay should be enough to compensate and allow you to holiday between contracts, if you want to.
  • You have set contracted hours so there is no need to work extra unpaid hours to impress the boss.

Disadvantages of contracting·

  • Your skills need to be continuously updated to keep you competitive against your peers. Retraining as well as developing new skills will result in unpaid time off or using up time at evening or weekends.
  • Contracts may be further away from home than a full time job meaning extra time spent travelling to your temporary place of work.
  • There is much less job security than being a permanent member of staff.
  • Freelancers do not get paid holiday or sick pay and do not enjoy 'perks' of employment including health care, pensions, share options, company car etc.

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