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Umbrella payroll – your one stop shop is RIGHT HERE!

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Freelancers! Stop wasting your precious time trawling through the thousands of websites in search of the best umbrella company to process your payroll. EVERYTHING you need to know right here.

So you have just secured a new contract and you need to sign up with an umbrella payroll provider right?

Let's get straight down to business.

What is an umbrella payroll provider?

Umbrella payroll providers (or umbrella companies) offer a simple PAYE (Pay As You Earn) alternative to running your own limited company.

In short, you send them your timesheet each week; they invoice your agency or client, process your pay through PAYE, make a net payment to your personal bank account, and send you a payslip.

At the end of the tax year, you get a P60 and P11d (if you have claimed expenses). Simple.

Why are they tax efficient?

Unlike regular employees, you are able to offset the cost of your work related travel and subsistence expenses against your tax bill.

Where can I find more information?

Our umbrella company resources section is packed full of information from understanding the umbrella payroll process to breaking down which expenses you can claim. We also explain how to compare umbrella companies if you are torn between one or two providers.

Who is the best umbrella company?

Why not see for yourself! Our umbrella league table lists over 100 umbrella payroll providers currently operating in the UK. The scores are calculated based on customer feedback, contractor benefits and HMRC compliance.

If you're too lazy to click through, the best umbrella company according to the latest league table is Crystal Umbrella.

Can I sign up with a company online?

We knew you were going to ask that question so we have created a secure SSL sign up form on all umbrella company profiles.

Happy hunting!

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