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Crone Corkill

Location:Greater LondonBenefits Score:10
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Open:8am - 6pm Mon-FriNo. of views:2683
Industry:Admin, Secretaria…Member since:August 2008
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  • Q:
    Who is Enigma People Solutions?
  • A:
    We are the current IT Recruitment Agency of the Year! (Recruitment Business Awards 2008) We are a Scottish based Search and Selection firm with offices in Glasgow & Edinburgh. We specialise in providing contract and permanent recruitment solutions throughout the UK to a wide range of companies. Our core markets currently include: Information Technology Creative & Digital Media Sales & Marketing Executive Search.
  • Q:
    Has the economic downturn affected your business?
  • A:
    The impact of the ongoing economic slowdown has been widespread, with the shockwaves reverberating throughout every part of our society. However, for many Scottish organisations, one of the most significant developments has been the effect of the downturn on their recruitment activity. As budgets tighten and the recruitment market slows new challenges arise, particularly for those looking to add top talent. This is true of both public sector and private sector organisations. But what’s the big problem, you ask, surely with news of so many redundancies in the news, candidates should be easy to come by? Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, if you actively recruit during tough times, the volume of mediocre but enthusiastic unemployed people who apply for your jobs will increase dramatically. This high-volume, low-quality flow means that your applicant screeners will be strained and the quality of the application processing may be stretched. Another point to consider is that, while redundancies may generate more applicants, the top talent that you’re hoping to attract may become a lot less willing to consider a move in a down market.
  • Q:
    How can the government provide more assistance to UK recruiters?
  • A:
    The key area is to support businesses throughout the UK of all sizes enabling them to continue to hire staff. My honest opinion is that by suspending or cancelling Employers NI payments on new recruits for a period of, say 6 months, would make a big difference -companies would be more inclined to take the chance on new employees, when it costs them less to do so.
  • Q:
    What makes Enigma People Solutions so special?
  • A:
    Experience and knowledge; excellent back office support; wide range of vacancies throughout the UK; committed and honest consultants!
  • Q:
    What's your plans for the remainder of 2009?
  • A:
    Still looking to grow and add quality recruiters to the business, in niche markets. There is still business out there – we just need to work harder to find it!

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We've just signed a partnership deal with Hi-Tech Scotland magazine - the leading source of news, features, comment and jobs for Scotland's IT industry. We have also hired a new consultant who specialises in Networking and Storage. If this is your area, you can contact her here.

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