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4 reasons why freelancing IS secure

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RSS 08 November 2009
A lot of people are attracted by the prospect of working for large blue chip companies that are supposed to provide an all encompassing ‘security’, especially since the current recession hit us.

These people tend to look down at freelancing as a viable career option. However, if a person has a specialist talent that others are willing to pay for, and they are able to effectively market themselves to the people that really matter, the possibilities are endless.

So if you're currently stuck in a permanent job, afraid of what might happen if you consider going freelance, here's 4 reasons why freelance contracting IS secure. …. and represents a happier alternative to working for someone else:

1. Freelancers generally work alongside other freelancers or people who are interested in talent. Most will help you in developing the skills to become a success in your area of expertise. You are likely to become better rounded as new thoughts and ideas are exchanged with other knowledgeable people that you connect with.

The necessity to be flexible, to market yourself, to take responsibility, manage your business finances, work with subcontractors and peers, negotiate, etc. all require you to explore areas of your personality not usually tested while working for someone else. Believe it or not but these newly acquired skills will give you a very pronounced feeling of security.

2. To sustain your reputation, you will need to continuously produce top quality work so that more and more people recognise you as an vital resource to any activity or project. Since this is immediately appreciated by paying clients and recruiters, word of mouth will spread your good name across the industry, ensuring a constant and steady flow of future work.

3. Once you become an authority in your area of expertise, you will be able to charge a significantly higher rate than what the market currently supports. As you add more satisfied clients to your portfolio of work, you can really begin to focus on tendering for 'margin business' as opposed to high volume, quick turnaround gigs that pay considerably less.

4. Freelancers have the widest and most diverse networks among all business professionals. The longer you continue freelancing, the bigger your network becomes - which in itself provides security. The more people you have on hand to recommend you for a job, the better the chances of staying in work and moving straight into the next paying contract through direct offers or recruitment agencies.

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