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CIF Show Support for Creative Freelancers

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RSS 19 July 2017
In a move that is sure to gain a lot of support, CIF, also known as the Creative Industries Federation, have shown their support for creative freelancers in the UK.

They plan to launch new measures that will help the "ignored or poorly served" creative freelance professionals, in an industry that is renown for bad practices such as late payments...and even unpaid work.

Regular readers of this blog will very aware of my opinion of freelancers doing unpaid work (I don't like it), so it's good to see that CIF are prepared to stand up and fight the corner of creative professionals on this issue.

However, CIF have also said they want to provide extra support for freelancers in preparation for making tax digital and quarterly tax returns, but unless I'm very much mistaken, I thought the government had already scrapped those plans. Maybe CIF might want to make a few adjustments to their manifesto.

Another issue on the creative freelance manifesto was starting a virtual hub that would be a "one stop shop" for business advice within the creative sector. Good idea if you ask me.

A spokesperson for CIF went on to mention that 47% of workers in the creative industries are classed as freelance, so it's important that many of these self employed people get the support they need. It all starts with action, and if there is one thing that CIF are committed to here, it is getting things done.

The minister of creative industries, Matt Hancock, added his opinion to the conversation, by saying - "the federation's creative freelancers report provides a valuable explanation of the way freelancers work and the huge contribution they make to the UK's creative industries.

As I've spoke about before though, in an industry where so many freelancers are prepared to work for free, many times because they think working for a certain company will look good on their CV, then it can be difficult to change things around.

The problem is that companies now expect creative freelance professionals to work for free, and when you have a lot of people all applying for just one job, then it's easy to see why they can use it to their advantage.

Anyway, I'm sure that CIF and their new manifesto will at least educate some freelancers about the best way to manage their careers, and who knows, it might even start a revolution in the creative industry. Let's wait and see.

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