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Working From Home on Your Mobile...Think Again!

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RSS 07 January 2018
Many freelancers and work from home professionals are making good money, there is no doubt about that...but at what cost? A new reports tells us more.

According to the report more self employed contractors and freelancers are becoming obsessed with their work life, to the point where they even think about it in bed.

The main culprit? It is the humble mobile phone that is the main problem and which keeps freelancers constantly "on the job," so to speak.

That's right. While home workers around the country should be sleeping, relaxing, and playing with their partners (chess is a good game).

What they are actually doing is checking emails, replying to clients, looking in their Paypal account and signing up to freelance job sites.

Gone are the days of "lights out at 10pm." Say hello to the new era..."I've just got to check my Facebook at 2am."

It doesn't just involve mobile phones either, oh no, there are other devices used in the bedroom that need charging and often vibrate.

Tablets, or iPads as some people call them, are also considered to be culprits in the all work and no play revolution, and for some people, it is the tablets that take up even more of their attention.

The screen is bigger of course, which means freelancers can do even more things than on a mobile. If the tablet vibrates at 11pm then it could quickly turn into an all-nighter.

The report looked more closely at 345 married couples, and what they found was that using a mobile or tablet in the bedroom resulted in a lower performance. A lower job performance that could end up negatively affecting the income of freelancers if they are not careful.

Not only that, but it also leads to less satisfaction in the relationship says the report, with conflict often being the end result of one partner whipping out their mobile phone in the bedroom.

Now and again, well, that isn't too bad if you ask me, but if you are whipping it out all of the time, even at 4am...then it might just become a bit too much for your wife or husband to handle.

Perhaps if you get it out a lot at the start of relationship then your girlfriend or boyfriend might be more tolerant...at first, but once you start getting it out all the time then eventually they are going to get fed up.

My advice? Set a work schedule during the day where you can get out your mobile phone and tablet whenever you want. However, once you get towards the evening then it is essential to turn off the technology and focus on other activities.

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