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£6m to Work From Home?

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RSS 09 October 2018
The OFS (Office for Students) have put aside 6 million pounds to help students find jobs “near their home.”

£100k to £300k is available for each individual project, and as much as £500k could find its way into the bank account of a collaborative bid.

Apparently 55% of graduates in the UK can only find jobs away from their home when they leave university.

It's difficult for them to secure employment on their doorstep. No doubt they have to commute every morning in their cars and on the train, and then do the same thing every evening on their way back home.

Do you know what? If students can get £6 million pounds then shouldn't freelancers get £6 million pounds as well? I'm calling on the government to make it happen.

Instead of £6m to work "near home," how about...£6m to "work from home?"

Here at Freelance Supermarket I would gladly take £100k directly into my account so that I could work from home and would never have to commute or leave town for business.

That £100k could go towards a new sofa, some new pyjamas, a new alarm clock and a new television.

The freelance lifestyle is expensive, you know.

If the government doesn't step up to the plate and give us freelancers £6 million pounds then it really does make you wonder what might happen next.

I might be forced to leave the house and seek employment in the next town over. I might even have to catch the bus or get out the trusty cycle.

No...That could never happen. I don't want to work away from home, and I don't even want to work near home...I want to work from home!

Just like you, the loyal and enthusiastic Freelance Supermarket reader. You also enjoy working from home, don't you, and I'm sure you would gladly accept to funds into your bank account from the government to make sure you never have to leave your home...right?

Back to the students, and the OFS Chief Executive, Nicola Dandridge has mentioned that the graduate job market is unevenly distributed. It is the aim of the OFS to right this wrong, no doubt.

Do you know what? I think the OFS should consider joining forces with CIF (creative industries federation) in a kind of joint venture.

I think with the creativity of CIF and the tenacity of OFS...I reckon they could wipe the slate clean once and for all, so that freelancers and students could live together in perfect harmony, near home or at home.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we are happy to join in with the joint venture and take a piece of the pie. If you need our bank account details, just let us know.

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