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RSS 11 June 2018
In a small town in Finland, there is an unassuming building that no-one would imagine is the potential “future of freelance.”

To the outsider it looks just like another building in Finalnd...but to the insider they know it is the HQ of a company called Payperblock.

Over the past year it is right there at Payperblock where a new freelancing platform has been developed. The kind of platform that is designed to match freelance blockchain experts with the hottest blockchain projects.

Do these talented freelance professionals get paid the old fashioned way, with cash money? Do they heck!

This is 2018, and in the world of Blockchain you get paid the "crypto way." All blockchain freelancers who use Payperblock will be paid using the "PayB Blockchain" payment system.

If you thought making a six figure salary as a freelance professional was a good thing, then you haven't seen anything yet. These blockchain freelance workers have their eye firmly on the prize, and that prize is a seven figure salary.

Of course, it is the new blockchain freelance platform from Finland which is really going to profit over the coming months and years.

They are now in a prime position to take a cut from every financial interaction between blockchain freelancer and blockchain employer. Kind of like the Paypal for blockchain.

Many of these blockchain freelancers work from home, and in true Freelance Supermarket style they don't get out of bed until noon.

In the world of Crypto Currency there are no alarm clocks and most people don't even change out of their pyjamas.

The Jeremy Kyle show might not have any blockchain drama yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that plenty of blockchain freelancers watch the show every morning before starting their work day.

These Blockchain home workers might be the future of freelance, but they reject the very notion of "freelance furniture." The old fashioned sofa is still the way to go.

Back to Payperblock and they are hoping to raise the much needed funds to get their blockchain freelance platform off the ground. Hopefully everything can get sorted by the time the brutal Finnish winter takes hold once again.

Right now in Finland it is Summer, which means the ice has thawed and every day starts with a sighting of the sunshine.

If everything goes to plan then not only will Payperblock become the number 1 choice for blockchain freelancers but everyone will also get paid with PayB tokens.

While Payperblock might very well become the main player on the freelance Blockchain circuit, the one thing we know for sure is Freelance Supermarket is definitely the main player in the UK work from home, lounge around in your pyjamas and watch Jeremy Kyle circuit. No crypto required.

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