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Freelancers to the Rescue, During the World Cup

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RSS 23 June 2018
Everybody is talking about the World Cup, and many of those people are sneaking away from work to watch it.

A recent survey shows 1 in 4 employees will bunk off work to watch World Cup games, which could cost the economy millions of pounds.

Do you know who ISN'T going to be bunking off work? Freelancers...especially work from home freelancers.

That's right. It is the hard working freelancers who are coming to the countries rescue during this World Cup and they could very well save the economy in the process.

While traditional employees sit at home with their feet up watching the football, their freelance brothers and sisters are doing the same thing...but, the main difference is freelancers still get some work done.

Instead of taking the whole day off to watch Southgate and his band of merry men, the vast majority of freelance home workers simply adjust their schedule to enjoy the thrill, and agony of watching England in a World Cup.

Right here at Freelance Supermarket Headquarters this is exactly what I am doing. I've even set my alarm clock very early in order to get up and get work done early.

The other day I was up at 11am. Yes...you read that right. Everybody must make a sacrifice to watch the World Cup, even here at FS HQ.

However, employees are not doing the same, and instead of working unsociable hours to please their employers, what they are doing is taking the entire day off.

They just don't care. Why work when you can just call in sick and then spend all day with your feet up on the sofa.

No doubt these employees are watching talk shows on ITV in the morning, just warming themselves up for an afternoon and evening of football entertainment.

Some may even get an "inside peek" of what it is like to be freelance for the day, so to speak...wearing pyjamas until bedtime and getting strange looks from a postie in shorts.

While this will definitely be a look behind the curtain, what they must realise is that in order to make this lifestyle work you also need to put in the hours at your laptop.

So if you are reading this right now and relaxing on the sofa watching the football, you might be thinking the freelance lifestyle is the life of riley.

Sure, chilling and watching TV doesn't require much effort, but you have to be prepared to put in a few hours of focused work, even if it means getting up at 11am to make it happen.

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