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RSS 09 July 2018
I awoke this afternoon to find a text on my phone. It was from a friend. And what she said got me really excited. “Could it be?” I said.

I jumped out of bed and quickly stripped off my pyjamas, and straight into a suit and tie. I didn't usually wear one to sit at the kitchen table, but today was different.

This was no ordinary day at Freelance Supermarket HQ. Today was the day when I would finally sit on the throne and be crowned "The Don" of the freelance world.

Some might say it is kind of like the mafia (hush hush) where you are "made" and then take an oath. After that, nobody can touch you because you are a "made man."

So I shined my shoes and trimmed my caveman beard. Then I was all suited and booted and ready to accept what was rightfully mine.

So I sat there...and waited...and waited...and waited for a bit longer.

Then a text came through. But it wasn't the news I was expecting.

It turns out that Freelance Supermarket has been passed over once again.

Despite being the freelance website and hub that every freelancer makes their homepage...it appears those with the power have decided to overlook us, yet again.

Who? The IPSE AKA Association of Independent Professionals and Self Employed, to be exact. The organisation who have been mentioned plenty of times on this blog and treated with nothing but respect.

All I can say is...NO MORE.

Instead of choosing Freelance Supermarket they decided to hand out the award to a website called Freelance Mum.

Congratulations to Freelance Mum then, although may I just take this opportunity to rule Freelance Supermarket out of any future awards by the IPSE, and no, this is not reverse psychology.

Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to pledge my allegiance to CIF AKA Creative Industries Federation.

I am available to receive an award now that I have wiped the slate clean and disassociated myself from IPSE.

So CIF...if you are reading this then you may be wondering why Freelance Supermarket is worthy of freelance website of the year? Good question.

For one...I believe in a KITCHEN table lifestyle.

I also believe in a CLEAN lifestyle, which does involve lot's of healthy foods and exercise.

Sure, sitting on the sofa and watching Jeremy Kyle is good for a few hours, but everything after that is COMPLETLEY CLEAN.

Lastly, I really do believe that Freelance Supermarket brings a SHINE to the day of anyone who reads these blog posts.

So CIF, if you are reading this then get in contact so I can tell you where to send the award. Thanks.

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